Easter Decorating


There is so much out there on decorating your table this Easter that I had started to get swamped by ideas! In the end I’d left it late and decided simplest is best, so here is my table, decorated in half an hour using 2 rolls of vaguely Easter coloured wrapping paper hastily grabbed from the supermarket and a decoration that I picked up in the Easter sale last year! (though a centrepiece of buds or daffodils in a vase would look good)

I spread a green throw over the table and set the kids to work on the paper chains. I cut one of the 2 metre wrapping paper rolls in half before removing the plastic film and rolled it over as a table runner. I made place cards using the origami bunny idea from Tinkerlabs and the kids flower placemats were cut from the same paper. Done.
I hard-boiled the eggs and then put them into cold water with a big squeeze of green food dye and a slosh of vinegar (sorry about the technical measurements!) and then the kids stuck some foam flower stickers all over them! Time for coffee I think before working on the egg hunt…

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