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As it was Earth Day this week, we decided to make a planet Earth for the kids room. Big is really into Space, so she was very excited! I think it turned out quite well, and we’re planning on adding other planets too!
I’ve got loads of cardboard that I collected from the local shop as the kids like to make dens out of the boxes, so the base was made from a two flattened boxes fixed together with decorators masking tape (Masking tape is handy as you can paint or paste straight over it). Then I did the old pencil on the end of a piece of string trick to make a circle, using a kilt pin to fix a point in the centre. The circle worked out to be about 60cm in diameter once cut out.
After pasting torn newspaper strips over the circle with school glue, we then pasted a layer of blue tissue paper over the top to make the oceans.
We cut some continent shapes out of old cereal boxes (not really to scale, but we did our best!) and pasted green tissue paper over the top – Africa was given some dry desert areas by sprinkling dry play sand over glue (and the table, the floor and everywhere else!) and then sticking green over the top.
The poles were glue pasted and had torn up cotton wool pushed on for snow and ice! We made the Earth over 3 days to let the layers dry and the continents were stuck to the planet with school glue. Big loves it, and wants to take it to Show and Tell at school, then it’s going on the wall… Right, Which planet next :)

One Comment

  1. Wonderful Earth Day craft!!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

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